Thursday, November 24, 2011

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this thing of Thanksgiving overwhelms me.

this one day in the midst of 365 to sit back and reflect on blessings, surrounded by those whom we love and whom we love to aggravate.

as i said in yesterday's post, today may be Thanksgiving. but so was yesterday, and tomorrow will be again.

even still
my soul loves this day.

and so i will be joining with rachel today to list my gratitude from a to z and all the moments in between.

afternoon walks // best friends  // candles in white jasmine
dates with my Daddy // eggshell white // family {cliche but so true}
grass between my toes // Him // inspiration
 jazz music // kisses and caresses // last rays of evening's sun 
moments shared with my mother // new books // opportunities to breathe again 
 peppermint hot chocolate // quirks // resolve 
secret laughter with my sister // the man i love // umbrellas when the sun shines
victory in Jesus // winter's first snow // eXtra minutes in the shower 
You // zoos {they're my favourite}

writing this list alone was worship for me. 

i'm undone by Him. this incredible life i have, the people that fill my hours, and the overwhelming realization that i am the furthest thing from destitute. 

it's precious, this thing of dwelling in His shadow. my gratitude is endless.

is yours?

happy Thanksgiving and endless blessings from DramaticElegance 

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks
{linking with rachel and so many others in these 26 glimpses of gratitude}


  1. happy thanksgiving, dearest! we have oh so much to be thankful for, do we not?♥ love you!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Rachel. Your list is beautiful.
    Thank you.

  3. the third one. happy thanksgiving, oh darling of mine :))
    -jocee <3


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