Wednesday, November 2, 2011

painted words

sometimes i wonder what it would be like to live as a painter.

would it be easier than this thing of creating images with words?

i would have colours then, bright and pale and every shade and hue with which to fill an empty space with brightness.

i would have strokes, broad or thin, richly pattered or intricately traced.

i would have something tangible to show the world.

a canvas that i can hold up, like a child holding up a finger-painting,

this is what my soul sees...

it's hard to paint with words when i want them to read my soul in just the way i meant it, without any misunderstanding. 

i want them to read my painted words, see them in the way i intended from the beginning. 

i wish i could write in paints, that my words would flow from keyboard to screen in a swirling watercolour rush of blues and greens. 

emotion for tone, passion for hues. 

a living paintbrush that could show the world my soul without confusion. 

but i live with words. i'm a writer.

it's day 2 of NaNoWriMo. seven thousand words swirl with life and fire and so much colour that it threatens to overflow and spatter the ground with life abundant. 

so i see i'm finding the center, this middle ground between paint and ink. i'm finding the way to make sparks fly from keyboard ticks. i'm learning to let the colours arc outward.

to paint my soul with words so others can look and see

see what my soul sees
in black and white
and technicolour. 

{linking today with dear emily and others for this moment of imperfection}


  1. i am constantly amazed with the talent you possess. your writing is truly inspiring. (listening to flightless bird, american mouth) i ♥ this song!!!

  2. You write so beautifully. Sometimes your posts even makeme want to cry (in a good way. xD)

    I agree completely. My novel is supposed to be this glorious thing that reflects my soul, but so far it's pretty difficult. I wish I could just take a paintbrush and SHOW everyone what I'm trying to say.

    My imperfect prose for this week is going to be similar to this. *sigh*

  3. this is word painting at its finest...

  4. "emotion for tone, passion for hues." "see what my soul sees. in black and white, and techicolour."
    this is amazing. :))
    -jocee <3

  5. That photo is gorgeous! Makes me want to paint too!

    Some of us are painters, some are writers, but we're all artists in one way or another.

  6. ah but our words are our paint and our canvas just a bit different and you can write it alive and in vibrant color...smiles. best wishes on your nano!

  7. Beautiful thoughts! And you most certainly do paint with your words.

    I like to go back and forth, myself. Some things are hard to express with paint, some things are hard to express with words.

  8. Good for you for doing NaNoWriMo. So jealous.

    ps So usually blog music annoys me, but I always love to scroll down and see what you have playing at your place. Good stuff.

  9. Words are our paint, and our canvas, they are everything to us. Painters put there soul on the canvas, but if people can understand that's up to them. Writers are the same way, and yet, we bare our souls even more.

    Have fun with Nanowrimo. ;)

  10. Nanowrimo? And you wrote a post as lovely as this? Amazing!

    Today I leave inspired by the canvas of your words.
    My Blog

  11. oh geesh. Nanowrimo is killing me. I have about 900 words. boooooooo.

    I was an art major. I find it much easier to communicate exactly what I mean with words, so here I am writing. funny though, I think the two are very connected. I liked this post very much, it was a flow of color in it's own way.

  12. i wish i could write in paints too. you spoke my heart here. i love to paint and i love to write, but neither fulfills me fully.i guess that's why we need Jesus, hey? :) love to you dear sister.


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