Sunday, November 6, 2011

warrior child // prayers for Caden

Crystal holding Caden this afternoon
this Warrior grows stronger daily
my recent posts on sistership echo strong in my heart tonight. 

there is a girl who is dear to my soul, and whose strength inspires me to rise above my circumstances. to trust Him more, to rely on Him fully.

my sweet Crystal Leigh.

and her baby -- her tiny Warrior child -- is hurting.

Caden Mathias: spirit of battle, gift of God. 

his heart was laid bare on Thursday under the skillful hands of surgeons, set on making this small Warrior well again.

and now his mother holds his tiny hand as he lays in a bed so big that his tiny form breaks my heart. she has only been able to hold him in her arms and rock away his tears twice since his surgery.

but he opens his huge blue eyes and looks into his mama's face and smiles and coos as best he can. his little body is stronger today, and will be tomorrow.

but oh, dear ones, he needs prayers.

prayers for healing. for strength. for miracles.

for the comfort for his mother, so full of Hope and faith in Caden's Father.

in the hospital -- far less tubes than yesterday
this strong mother and his Father King to watch over him.
this prince is in the greatest of hands
my heart breaks for this child, this little man i have never held and his mother whom i have never embraced.

but my heart is with Crystal and Caden tonight.

this mother is so strong, it leaves me in awe. raising this little one as a single mother -- relying on his Father for peace and sustenance in ways that humble this heart of mine.

touch the hem of His robe for this child.

please storm the gates of Heaven for this boy. he is so loved and he is so precious to so many.

pray for this Warrior child.

Caden Mathias. Warrior of God. 


  1. will pray for this little boy. i have three baby brothers, five brothers in all, and i know that if any of them were in this kind of pain, i would want to rally an army of prayer warriors!

  2. Oh friend, I am praying for this little guy. Heavy on my heart.

  3. I'll be keeping them in my prayers. Thank-you for sharing this with us.

    Love his name, btw. Perhaps someday if I were to have a son, I'll probably name him that. :)


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