Friday, November 18, 2011


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the word
now GO...

i've been doing a lot of growing in the past twelve months.

taking a look back over my calender, i'm overwhelmed with everything that has occurred in my life. it's awe-inspiring, how i've changed.

did you know so much could happen in a year?

i'm sure i knew, but i think i forgot.

i think growing is one of those things that you can't exactly predict. it's all in relation to how much you're willing to receive, and how much you're willing to give up.

because i've been surrounded with partners in this process. those amazing ones who come alongside you, and whisper into your ear

what, you too? i thought i was the only one...

but i've also had the pain, the pruning, the stripping of the secure and leaving me shivering and wanting my old self back.

and then i find myself in the greenhouse of my Gardener. it hurts, but He trims away the dead parts of my soul. 

it's still in process -- i'm growing, after all. 

but i'm not alone. and i'm seeing results. 

so i just have to sit in the Earth, and remember that He has been here first.

and watch for the blossoms to emerge. 


  1. Your five minute friday posts always end up being some of my favorite because they're so raw. :)

  2. Another beautiful post by you. Your words always leave me pondering. I love that last line, "remember that He has been here first." This is hard for me at times.

  3. i relate to this so much. enough said. it's perfect.

  4. Beautiful, and so true. Your example is spot on. The pain, the pruning.
    It really speaks to me.
    Thank you.

  5. This is just beautiful! I can really relate.


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