Monday, November 28, 2011

gratitude via canvas {183-190}

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this weekend has been soul-stirring.

i wish i could open the shutters of my heart wide. i'm eager to show you what i've found, what treasures this weekend of pure eucharisteo has imparted to my soul. 

i've come to view this lifestyle of thanks, of grace, and of light as a work in progress.

:: a painting of a thousand strokes ::

it's artwork that will never be finished, growing eternally. but then come those times when we take that slight step back, to view and remember where we've come. to touch the strokes that have dried, reminders of our past steps. 

that's what this weekend has been for me. this time we in the United States call Thanksgiving. these weekend for laughter and family and too much pie. 

  • 183. fifty thousand words and a completed NaNoWriMo challenge.
  • 184. week-old puppies that whimper and make their little feet run with small, unknown dreams, tucked beneath your chin during football cheers. 
  • 185. soft plum scarves and sock-less feet tucked into shoes. winter comes soon. 
  • 186. the promise of snow in coming days. 
  • 187. the countdown to Christmas beginning already with my parents' long-decorated house and Advent calender anticipation
  • 188. returning promises that come back valid. a Word that does not return void. 
  • 189. earthly tragedy turned to Heavenly triumph. 
these have been my ladder moments. the times where the brush gets tucked into the messy bun and the eyes traverse over the canvas, if only for a second.

it's remembering

the grace
the glory
and the gratitude. 

it's soaking in the Light where darkness wars to prevail. 

it's embracing.

{linking my multitudes with Ann and my fellow gratitude seekers}


  1. I'm visiting here from Ann's, oh, what a beautiful site! The words are as image-provoking as the pictures. I especially am claiming for myself today

    soaking in the Light where darkness wars to prevail

    I am in the middle of darkness wars and so I am soaking in the Light. I got some right here.

    Bless you dear gracious woman,

  2. Yes, it will never be finished. Not stopping at 1000, but on and on. . . beautiful.

  3. Wow, that is beautiful. I love your list (I'm pretty sure I've said that before).
    And definitely congratulations on the NaNoWriMo. That is inspiring.
    I can't wait till next year. I am definitely going to do it.
    You have inspired me.


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