Friday, November 11, 2011


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the word
now GO...

i'm in a place that i never expected to be. 

i never thought it would take me this far into my Christian walk to start to embrace this thing of sacredness. 

as a little girl, i wanted to be a Christian because i loved Jesus and i wanted to belong to Him.

i didn't know or understand what i was doing until i got much older. 

i was embracing the unexpected by become His child. 

because who would have expected a King to put His crown on the floor and step from Royal to humble? from Eternal to Mortal...and yet still remain Eternal. 

who would have expected Sinless to become sin for the very ones who pushed His already-broken body against a splintered beam of wood and drove iron nails into his wrists and feet? 

He was nothing like what they expected. 

i'm awed as His ability to break those barriers -- not to destroy what was written, but to fulfill. 

this Rabbi of Peace -- fighting the ultimate war with Death. 

 so much victory. 

this is my unexpected, which has now become my understood. 

this has become my Embraced. 


  1. This is truly beautiful. I love the "this is my unexpected, which has now become my understood"- seriously one of the most beautiful post I have ever read; Praise God! I was so blessed by this post.

  2. Your words are so enchanting. Amazing post. Always love your five minute friday posts. :)


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