Wednesday, November 23, 2011

prelude to the grateful

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every single year, right around this time, i find myself overwhelmed in the crush.

it's this season of preparing and orchestrating and oh, so much family that seems to emerge from every corner of the woodwork. 

for those of us who stand under the banner of red, white, and blue, tomorrow is supposed to be the day we take a few minutes to soak in the gratitude of our lives. 

i need to freeze in place

because i have much. 

it's hard to not get lost in the 

if only i
if we only had
if we obtained

but my soul sings this year. this time last year, i was drowning in self, in circumstances which i would have done anything to avoid. 

but He knew that i needed pruning. i needed pain to find the glory again. 

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and oh, how my blackened soul rebelled. i withheld my joy, letting it slowly wither from lack of gratitude's water upon the cracking soil of a wounded heart. 

but then He gripped my soul. 

stop this, child.
let go and let Me heal. 
let Me restore your joy.

and then i began to seek again. and i have been unable to stop my hunger, my burning fire for those things that make this heart sing of Him.

and so now i drop the dishtowel and turn my back to the stove for just a moment. and i find that moment on my knees in the corner with His Love Letter spread out before me on the floor. 

because of Him, i stand.

how can i keep from gripping His robe and letting my gratitude from pouring over His feet like some strange perfume. 

tomorrow is Thanksgiving. 

but so is today. 

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  1. beautiful journey...yes pouring out our thanksgiving like perfume...
    Have a blessed...blessed Thanksgiving...

  2. so, honestly, I skimmed through this and my eyes just caught the end: "tomorrow is Thanksgiving. but so is today. it sent a shiver up my spine, because the same thought was just occurring to me earlier--how every single day we have reason to give thanks, not just this time of the year. God is so good. happy thanksgiving dear. ♥

  3. i want to fall on my knees in the kitchen...overwhelmed by gratitude. what a lovely picture you paint.

  4. lovely...i think this is the perfect pre thanksgiving is easy to see what we dont have though we often overlook what we do...i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving...

  5. That last sentence. Yes. Every day.

  6. rich thoughts,
    Ready, set go,
    Happy Thanksgiving today.

  7. mmm...i too have withheld my joy during a season of pruning, but now...I can see more clearly and feel that wellspring of joy slowly coming up to overflowing. Happy thanksgiving!

  8. i've been fighting these feelings too, friend. thank you for this serene and beautiful post. xo


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