Thursday, November 10, 2011

weakness // glory

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this world values strength.

it has taken the world by storm, this ideal of power and strength. especially for women in the world.

the calm and collected ones are given the stand, speaking effortless on how they have found their perfection in Christ.

the broken ones are quietly shown the door.

but what about me?

because i am one of the broken ones. i cannot even pretend to be one of these perfect women who have it all together.

because i'm not. i am not a rock by any means. i am fragile and broken and in constant need of some sort of support.

i am not Wonder Woman. not by any means.

i never seek to hide my imperfections -- i readily admit my need for a Savior, or else i tumble groundward and find myself lost again.

and sometimes i look around at all these amazing women whose blogs i follow, and i feel so intimidated. they seem to be so together, such strong and beautiful creatures with children and husbands that all fall right into their places.

{via pinterest}
and then there comes a post on brokenness. a post that makes my heart break as i read, as i understand what this precious sister is currently enduring.

and i am reminded that

His power is made perfect in my weakness
and so I will boast in my weakness
to give Him the  greater glory.

we are imperfect women. this cluster of souls knit together by the invisible bonds of Love 

there is power in a shared story. there is strength in knowing that you are not alone. 

there is sufficiency in the arms of the Lover of our souls. 

 we are the broken ones. holding fast to one another and to our Cornerstone.


  1. What I love about you, Rachel, is that you have a way of explaining exactly what I'm going through. Thank you for this post... that "Good, I'm not alone" feeling is so wonderful!

  2. Rachel, thank you for sharing these honest yet beautiful words with all of us broken women today. We may be broken, but the Lord sees us as perfect in His own image! Praise Him for still loving us and finding much value in us that we ourselves cannot seem to grasp.

    Another beautiful thing that our Creator has shown us broken women, is that we are the ones that He picks to show His glory most! We broken ones have been given the honor to be God's example. He used Rahab, the prostitute, to show His mercy and love. He used Naomi, a woman who was very broken and even proclaimed that God has cursed her, to bring glory to His nation!

    Yes, we are broken, but we are also so very loved. You are loved, Rachel :). Thank you for your words today.

  3. it's interesting to me that that world values exactly the opposite of what Jesus values. the world wants us to be strong, Jesus says, "come as you are, broken and full of weakness, and I will make you whole." the world looks down on childishness in "adults", but Jesus says, "come to me like a little child." this is good news for me, because i am very broken, very weak, and often feel very much a child. Jesus says, "blessed are those who mourn," and "the meek shall inherit the earth." i love His news and His messages. because i can never reach the world's standards. and that's okay, because i don't have to.


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