Monday, November 7, 2011

time // gratitude {160-164}

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i'm slowly reading A Thousand Gifts.  

i started it on September 10th. i only just finished the fifth chapter.

and i'm never wearing shoes again.

everything urgent about this life is starting to fade away into something manageable. people complain that life is too short and that time moves too fast.

i disagree now. life moves the same length, the same time. we're the ones moving too fast and being far too short in our sight. we've stopped savouring this sacredness of life, of eucharisteo.

the most urgent necessitates a slow and steady reverence.
--Ann Voskamp

she's right. 
He's right. 

this is holy ground, this place of thankfulness. this place of finding communion and eucharisteo with the King of Kings. have we forgotten who He is? 

time the essence of God. I AM. this need to consecrate time. 
i may never wear shoes again.
--Ann Voskamp

this is a place for shoeless wonder and for eyes that blink in awe against His glory. this is not the time for traffic jams and to-do lists that stretch for miles.
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this is the time for slow sips, slow breaths, and slow-growing lists of all those gifts from Heaven to earth. 

  • 160. time. this gift of seasons and time, preordained but loose and free 
  • 161. community with artists who love to write like i do, sharing words and coffee over hardwood tables.
  • 162. so many smiles from freckle-faced children as they bury me in hugs and bring me orchard-sliced apples with autumn-flecked grins. 
  • 163. one extra hour of rest. something so small, but so needed for this weary one who seeks until the stars have been out for hours. 
  • 164. truth spoken twice, confirmed. 

i'm finding peace in this place of gratitude.

reaching out to touch the hands of the clock, old friends learning to tick-tick-tick slowly. to savour each moment that comes our way.

to be covered with this essence of God.

shoes left at the door.

{continuing these steps of gratitude with Ann}


  1. I love this. I've been practicing what others would call "pause" or "to pause".
    All to let Him and His presence seep down into my soul. He is all that matters.

  2. It's such a beautiful book. And such a lovely reflection. I removed your link on last week's post, Rachel. No worries!

  3. i don't ever want to wear shoes again either.

    what an inspiring and moving post.


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