Tuesday, November 29, 2011

word // journey

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i marvel at how far i've come.

nineteen months of words.

this process has changed me, more than i expected. because i'm not just writing words anymore, composing my own thoughts into sentences strung together with grammar and punctuation.

i've joined a community...could i even say a family? precious ones that inspired and treasure and contemplate and push me upward and onward. fellow artists and soul searchers, those who close their eyes to boundaries and open their hearts to the King.

i never expected this when i first began.

and now, the new year is a mere thirty-three days away. and more words will come.

but God and i are choosing one word in particular for this coming year.

a word for life
for light and for love
for the sake of soul and inhaling the sacred. 

one word for transformation.

before i started reading Mandy's blog, i have never even considered the idea of choosing a word for the year. but as i read more -- this journey of a woman who stepped from existent to artist -- i found my soul being pulled.

it was a tugging at first, perhaps an inkling of whimsy in the idea of choosing a word. because isn't that what it is, i smiled?

and then the tug became a pull. and the pull became a whispered command.

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:: choose a word with Me :: 

because this was not whimsy. this was mystery. this thing of holding empty hands that so often grip at cluttered nonsense for


lifting empty palms to Heaven for just one gift. this is radical.

this word is still unknown. my King and i have much to discuss, much to dwell upon, and much to grasp.

i'm expecting change. my journey will be here on this blog, and there in my soul.

i'm following His pull. this still small voice whispering my word to the silence.

my word.

oh, i cannot wait to hear.


  1. i love this, rachel. can't wait to hear, either. and i think i may do some contemplating, myself, and see what the Lord might reveal.

  2. Your writing always blows me away. Beautiful.

  3. may the Lord reveal Himself and His word to you, dear one! i pray that i may come to do the same thing. thank you so much for your constant inspiration and heart shown. you've inspired me to write without boundaries, and to not lean so heavily upon grammar and perfection, but rather, instead a free range heartful of creativity and proseful imperfections. i'm so grateful for you and for the words with which HE has gifted you with to share with us fellow writers! blessings to you, dear-heart! xoxo Sarah Elizabeth

  4. It's so wonderful to feel your joy and your passion about this. I can't wait to hear either :)

  5. I have done one word for the last several years and joined Alece's (grit and glory) community this year and what an amazing journey it has been. Who knew how very much He could teach me in the course of 12 months and how my heart would be changed. So glad you are joining and it is excitement waiting for that word and as He whispers it to your heart. It is beautiful.


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