Wednesday, November 9, 2011


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i posted Monday about my brush with the sacred.

on how i can never again wear shoes because my time and life is now Holy Ground.

and then i began to contemplate this thing of being barefoot. this unlacing of our sandals and casting them aside.

it's humbling to be without shoes. 

we are not lifted higher than we ought to be when our feet are bare. it's casting aside this most basic of pretensions, this utmost lowering.

our shoes are covered in the dust of life, the dirt of the path and the bits of foulness that cling to our feet.

we do not always watch where we step, either on this earthly walkway or when we traverse within our soul as well.

we cannot bring this filth to Him.

my feet have never felt so unclean as they do in these times of sacred approach. these times when Heaven and Earth seem to meet and collide in this explosion of revelation. 

and i find myself on my knees then, overwhelmed in this place where Love and Life have met and forgiveness is my name again. 

as this bush burns in this wilderness, this place where I AM has come to meet with us, we bare our feet as we do our souls. 

we are no longer separated from the ground. skin against Earth, brushing soul against Life. 

and we step onto this place, barefooted and unsure, with paths of sharp stones and cutting thorns ahead of us.

and He holds out His hand

follow Me

our weakness cries out for us to be shod again, to put our shoes on and protect ourselves. 

but He requests us be humble

and He will carry us. 


  1. lovely. see mom? i don't need to wear shoes! XD

  2. I... found myself clinging on every word here.
    Beautiful beautiful!

  3. if i didn't have such a painful headache, i would post some really long eloquent comment here stating how much i love and resonate with this post. but...yeah. alas. the words are in my heart, but i can't get them to form in my head. your writing is always so rich and meaningful. i love it. i love you.


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