Sunday, November 13, 2011

sdrawkcab // backwards

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sometimes, i marvel at how the words of one can ring deep in the soul of another. 

it's one of those reasons that i find it a privilege to spend my Sunday mornings in my church. because we have people that resonate. 

but then i have to sit and question my motives. because i don't know if i take this gift with me when i step out those double doors. 

am i Martha when i should be Mary?

each morning when i wake up, i find myself making lists of things i need to do in the limited hours that i have this day. 

laundry and dishes and linens and groceries and menus. 

i have to separate myself from these things to find my quiet. and its only after every checkmark is in place that i take a moment to myself, that i share a moment with the King. 

it's backwards

i know i have my daily chores, my obligations and things that must be accomplished for my day to proceed onwards. 
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but why is He not first? and why do i think that when i rise from my knees that i leave Him on the floor? 

this is why i am Mary, seeking Him in clothespins and laundry lines

finding conversations with my Lord amid the dishes and the passing crowds in grocery aisles. 

because eternity matters

ten years from now, my lists will be crumpled and tossed aside, and my chores of November and December will not be remembered. 

this sacredness, this seeking, will change my heart. transform my life.

i'm putting Him first. 

daily striving to leave Martha at the door, and live as Mary at His feet. 


  1. ahh, so wonderfully full of truth.

  2. So true. Visiting from Soli deo Gloria - thanks for sharing.

  3. So beautiful and true. Just stopping by from SDG...nice to meet you :)

  4. I can relate in big ways to this, friend. Yep, closing the door on Martha now.

  5. Oh, you have said it so brilliantly. Makes we want to sit on the floor all day, with my candle and my bible and my Jesus.

  6. I, too, sometimes do backwards. But somehow it doesn't seem as precious as quiet morning hours -- when thoughts aren't crowding and the world is silent. But those times don't often happen. And I am blessed by meeting Him wearing Martha's apron.


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