Thursday, November 3, 2011

warming to the words

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this month is already so rich. it's only the third day.

it's November. it's that transition month, that time when autumn and winter are warring for equal time on the Earth and the world can't make up its mind.

when the leaves are fading and falling. no snow to hide the awkward, ugly sticks that poke up from the ground where trees used to be.

grey skies more than sun. it's as if even the world grieves in confusion.

what am i now? 

i write, sometimes collected and sometimes aimlessly, until i reach the end of the thirty days of frenzy, and then i sit back and stare at the masterpiece that i did not make, even though i tried so hard that i nearly broke. 

but this year is different already. 

it's only the third day of the month. and the skies are grey, as always. and the leaves are tumbling down, and the rain and ice are mid-battle outside my window.

but i'm warm here. 

i'm hearing this Voice clearer this month. i'm seeing hard decisions laid out at my feet made clear, made sound, made safe.

He's teaching me things

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things like Trust. in others, in myself, in him and in Him both.

i'm learning to see words as a gift. not a frantic race to 50,000. this time to write, to pour out, is a gift that my King and November have joined together to give me as the most precious of presents.

i feel like a child, little hand clutching a pen while a larger Hand wraps around mine.

little one, see? write like this. 
I've got you, dearheart.

the  Lover of our souls has not forgotten us. the clouds hide the sun but not the Son. He sees us clear, unchanging.

i'm warm here in Him. 

i think i'll go write more words with Him now. watching my word count rise, and His mercies rise alongside.

we're a team, He and i. writing this book together, Father and daughter.

oh, what a place to be.

{linking with Laura at The Wellspring. this precious playdate with me and Him}


  1. beautiful, and so true. he is there to help in our times of need. how amazing is that?

  2. I love the way you delicately string words together on a page. Stirs the soul :-)

  3. Wow, I can hardly imagine what a whole month would be like with words. Just words.

    To wake up to them and fall asleep to them.
    It must be beautiful.
    Keep it up.

  4. He is the kindest of leaders, isn't He? This writing thing is such a journey. I think the discipline is good, but it sounds like you have found the better thing. Keeping HIm as word partner can only make it sweeter. (Love that photo of the footsies!)


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