Monday, November 14, 2011

brimming with grace {165-175}

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i've started carrying Ann's book wherever i go.

it's small enough, which baffles me how a book so small can carry such a powerful weight of truth. it fits in my purse, but my soul can barely contain it all inside.

i'm full to brimming after only another four pages.

these pages were about pain. about this God we serve, and this mystery of pain.

this mystery of God's grace.

i know that we aren't supposed to know. but sometimes i want to know.

doesn't everyone?

i've been counting my blessings for several months now. i never once mentioned pain or aching hearts or any of those things that tend to make us shake our fists and scream at the skies. 

maybe i should start. 

because His grace is sufficient. His Word will not return to Him void. 

i look back now over my blackness and see where His light kept me walking when i wanted to crumple and die there. 

and so i'm learning. every sunrise brings me a lesson. and this one is hard, and i'm not sure if i like it, or even want to admit that i've been shown this truth. 

this is one i want to ignore. but i can't. 

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because i'm still counting...

  • 165. God's grace. 
  • 166. the darkness that brings the sun into greater brilliance 
  • 167. a sky full of stars on a cloudless night
  • 168. homecomings and reminders that alone is never again an option
  • 169. learning Him more, deeper with time passing. 
  • 170. His lessons, painful and beautiful. knowing that He knows, and i will learn when that right time comes. 
  • 171. first winter's snow, just enough to dust and melt away, but more than enough to light warm Christmas candles on the hearth of my heart. 
  • 172. intercession for one another. moments of hands clasped over a thousand miles as one covers the other in blankets of prayer. 
  • 173. thirty thousand words
  • 174. rolling pins and the aroma of fresh pie dough. 
i'm going to keep a pen in my hand always. i'm still barefoot in His glory, because its starting to clear in darkness as well as light.

because these windows in my soul have been washed. 

and i'm still counting

because i'm seeing clearer. 

{counting to a thousand and beyond with Ann and my sisters there}


I look at you and see all the ways a soul can bruise, and I wish I could sink my hands into your flesh and light lanterns along your spine so you know there's nothing but light when I see you. :: Shinji Moon