Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the place of Advent

i forgot that Advent was so close.

it was such a big deal when i was a little girl. the pink and purple candles sat in their wicker wreath, wax dripping every Sunday when a new candle burned.

then i got married and moved into my own home. and i forgot.

i forgot the importance of this expectation.

this coming into place, this arrival of the Son of God.

i forgot everything i had been taught, about the sacredness that can be found in the silent moments of flickering candle flames.

and so for three years, i have had no candles to light and no verses to read. it has been as though the events of my childhood swiftly faded into the modern haze of overcrowded schedules and too much planning.

and then this year, it's been following me. i've read blog posts about the subject, seen commercials laden with reminders. it's a whisper, a reminder, the hand of God touching my heart

remember Me. 

and my soul groans with sorrow and guilt.

if it was anyone else, 
would i have forgotten?

or would i have laid my steps out carefully, preparing to greet this coming mortal?

but the King of Glory comes, and i forget Him.

and so this year, i'm finding candles and setting them out. my reminders, my beacon lights to the coming King.

these lights, one by one by one, lit in the darkness to set my yearning soul aglow --  a simple way of speaking to the silence,

i'm waiting for You. 

this heart is open; there is room here.


  1. mmm. food for thought. we used to always do an Advent calendar when i was little. i loved it. i think i should start that tradition up again. the arrival of our King to this earth is one of the most important events in the history of the world. it's definitely worth remembering and celebrating...always. but it also deserves a special focus this time of year.

  2. beautiful. my family does the whole counting-down advent thing very inconsistently. it depends on when we pull the Christmas stuff out of storage. but waiting for this special day is so special, and recognizing our Savior is so important.

  3. ah yes...i forget as well..in the business of life all other things seem to be more important...thanks for reminding us..going to light those candles as well and tell him..i'm waiting..

  4. I just found your blog. Your writing is beautiful. Your voice! I love it.


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