Monday, November 21, 2011

in the soothing {176-182}

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sometimes, Monday is a rut. the start of a week that can only get better from a day that makes you fall to your knees and wonder why.

but then there are Mondays that remind me of the grace of God. the way in which He shines a light that cuts through the darkness.

 even on days when i'm exceptionally irritable, feeling like everything is rubbing me the wrong way, i find myself drawn to sparks of blessing.

God's fingers touching my soul, murmuring 

be still and know, dearheart.
  • 176. Breaking Dawn with a girlfriend whom has been far away for months. 
  • 177. laughter so hard that it comes out silent, aching sides and streaming eyes over coffee and cinnamon bagels
  • 178. newborn puppy whimpers and loving mama kisses as she looks over her ever-growing brood.
  • 179. cell phone GPSes that save from late-night losses on country backroads
  • 180. steaming coffee and vanilla creamer, late night companions to my slowly growing word count
  • 181. emails from publishing companies, affirmation that my work is "good enough." dreams fulfilled with a few simple keystrokes. "we're interested in Cut Loose..."
  • 182. messages from my sweet friend Jen, knowing that simple words of mine were used of Him to confirm a heart's yearning.
it's hard to not become overwhelmed in a world of declining Mondays. it's hard to look ahead and see a bright Light instead of a train coming to plough me down. 

but there comes my list, slipping into my corner. 

and i am cheered on this path. these little moments of soothing when the world rubs me wrong.

my soul brushes of being still, and of knowing.

{linking my blessings with these beautiful ones of blessing}


  1. beautiful beautiful. :) i always look forward to your Monday posts. i can't wait to see what your new thankfulness will be. these were all lovely. yes, cellphone GPS's have saved me on many many occasions. i seem to be very good at getting lost. :P especially on country roads late at night. and of course your work is good enough! it's brilliant! it's only right that publishing companies should be contacting you! that's soooo exciting. i'm very happy for you. :) Mondays can be rather dreary, but i'm glad you were able to find your list, and that you were cheered on this path. <3

    btw, i miss you. i feel like i haven't heard from you in forever. this nanowrimo thing makes you far too busy, methinks. if i may be selfish, that is. ;) i hope everything is going swimmingly. you're getting so close. :) that's super exciting.

  2. I love your list. It's more than inspiring. And wow, that's so amazing to get the email about your book. A definite huge congrats for that. Mondays have always had the grumpy stamp on them. I don't even know why. But it's tuesday now. And Tuesday always holds promise.

    Thank you for wonderful words.


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