Wednesday, December 28, 2011

safe and sound

have you ever reached into the fire for gold with dross pouring over your fingers
as it burns away flesh and earth and leave behind sacred?

have you ever dared to take a flower petal in your fingers to study the lines
the ones that spell life and sun and Light and little things?

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these are the things we forget to remember. that Light erases darkness and flower veins spell mystery, that value is found where money is missing and silent touch is often more important than too many words? 

don't you dare look out your window, darling
everything's on fire
 the war outside our door keeps raging on
 hold onto this lullaby
 even when the music's gone
// safe and sound :: the civil wars //

it's about seeking Him where He may be found, in all sacred corners that are most often forgotten. because if He wrote in the dust, why can't i?

 it's about holding on to music when everything burns, and all that's left is you and Him and the lion's song, ringing clear in the night, crying

see, I am doing a new thing.
all things are made new, dearheart. 

i'm spinning in these dustmotes, cape in hand and candle in the other. 

i'm closing my eyes and leaping into crystal pools. it's His country i seek. i'm safe and sound, drowning in His glory. 


  1. I love that song! I wonder how they'll use it in the Hunger Games movie...?

    Lovely post, Rachel!
    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. This was beautiful, Rachel.

    "i'm closing my eyes and leaping into crystal pools. it's His country i seek. i'm safe and sound, drowning in His glory."

    How true it is.


    oh! ps: that's a good song, no? :)

  3. "drowning in His glory" - maybe that explains it, how difficult it can be to just breathe sometimes. I know I'm surrounded, but that breath, it is hard to come by.
    Love your thoughts Rachel, your beautiful words.

  4. lovely writing...a touch of the message in the dirt as well....think i will go find me a flower petal now....smiles...


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