Sunday, December 4, 2011

prisoner of hope :: always

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i am hope's prisoner. 
i am Light's conquest. 
and i seek no freedom. 

sometimes i wonder how people muddle through this world without the glimmer of hope behind their eyes. i see it, you know...that look that slips across their face when i meet their eyes with a smile. 

that look of want. of plead. of empty. 

and then we pass and they are gone. but they stay with me even after i've passed and am home under covers. because that look of hopelessness coats my soul with the grief that only loss can bring.

i want to go back and touch their shoulder and draw them back to the place i call Home and the One i call Father. 

but as for me, i will 
:: always :: 
have hope
for You have been my hope.

i cling to Him tightly in those moments when the world rocks and i have nothing but the pounding cries of uncertainty. what do they do, when the waves slam them against the rocks until their grasp loosens and their dreams flow from their eyes like water?

{via pinterest}
in my nights of darkened grief when all i can do is weep until my pillow floats and my hair is moist with salted sorrow, i know that my fingers can upward reach and grasp those of the One who holds me close.

this tangled kiss of hope that binds me against His chest. 

hope stays perched on the branches of my soul, singing like the uncaged bird, this phoenix of hope rising from the ashes of Death, killed and conquered and fingers sliced from off my shoulders. 

in the dark, i have hope. 

i'm running to Your arms
the riches of Your love
will always be 
:: enough ::

i hope you will forgive me, but again, with the holiday rush, i am simply going to reveal the winners here instead of in a full post. 
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  1. i hate it when i lose the nerve to reach out to a stranger. their soul is on the line, for heaven's sake, and i don't want to appear 'abnormal?'

    oh, and those pictures are so beautiful, i pinned them♥ great post!

  2. Yes and yes and yes. I love this post. I so agree with you. Especially in light of our recent tragedy -- I don't know how we would have survived, or be surviving, without God. Hope sustains me through the sorrow, the aching, but what if there was no sure hope? I think I would have been irreparably shattered. I am so grateful that that is not the case. So grateful.

    Thanks for writing this post that echoes my soul's cry of late.

  3. i'm trying to catch up on posts little by little as i have time... and this one...oh how i needed this one today. i needed this reminder that i do have hope; i always have hope...even when in my flesh i want to shake my fist at God, and then break down sobbing, begging to know what He's doing. but i have hope...because He does all things well. oh, how much i need to remember that He will always be enough...

    p.s. i'm wondering if you wouldn't mind weighing in on my most recent blog post?

  4. Hopeless eyes...may we be a light to them.

  5. Such a beautiful post. I struggle with hope. And you reminded me...
    in the dark, i have hope.

    My heart needs to remember...I must work on this.

  6. This: the riches of Your love
    will always be
    :: enough ::

    Yes! So often I try to fill with more until He brings me to my knees so that I may remember...He is always just enough.

  7. This was so beautifully written and I pray my heart will always be filled with hope as well.


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