Friday, December 2, 2011

resting Christmas :: five minutes

if i'm not careful, December can wear me to the bone.

it's that way with beautiful things. if we aren't careful, we can loose ourselves in the miscellaneous of the year and let the big picture fade into a ruined negative. 

i can become full of calender dates and evergreen, making endless plans and fretting over budgets that never seem to end. 

and when Love comes, my oil is all gone, because i realize that i've forgotten to store up any for myself. and Love is there, and He takes me still as broken and worn. but the blessing that could have been...that's faded and forgotten.

it's fear that brings me racing.

must be perfect
it's perfection.

no more resting until the work is done. oh, how weary, how tired this makes my soul.

i need to remember. i need to take the time to reflect upon another weary young woman, the one who strove through confusion and exhaustion.

the little one with the heart of a King beating in her womb.

the tired pregnant woman who found her rest close to the tiny feet of the newborn Messiah.

whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty

so i'll join her there, in that place of tears and stable straw. and we'll gaze with wonder and awe. 

this is the right kind of peace.

the right kind of tired.

{linking with Lisa-Jo for these five minutes of Love}

{also, the November giveaway winners will be announced this weekend. thank you for being patient!}


  1. what a wonderful blog and post! Thank you so much... Makes me think of Mary and Martha... I will choose wisely.
    Visiting from www.mylifeasanadventure

  2. wow love the song too!!!!!!!! so so so so so so thankful to rest here...yah hear..LOL lots of faith here. love this!!

    this 5 min Friday has been such a blessing for me! Great to meet you! MUAH!

  3. Love this - I want the right kind of peace and the right kind of tired. Perfect. Joining in at 5 minutes for the first time. Love your bloggy world here.


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