Monday, December 26, 2011

overflowing // pie {213-219}

i'm at a loss for words this afternoon.

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the Christmas rush is finally starting to trickle down, barely twelve hours from the twenty-four that spelled out this sacred day, we are back to life again. back to normal, i suppose.

but can you ever really be normal after knowing?
is that even something i want? 

because this Christmas was more than just presents and sparkling lights, and perhaps even more than singing certain songs with hands raised in the candlelight. it was about being emptied, and then being made full again. because isn't that what we celebrate?

this thing of being empty. because how can something that is already full be filled anymore?

it's an overflow when the shell begins to brim over and then the Light tumbles over the edge and spills over in a waterfall over the edges and down the sides and falling down on everything and everyone beneath.

  • 213. joy
  • 214. Him coming, Him saving. 
  • 215. sparkling eyes in Christmas lights
  • 216. those grateful words on innocent lips when toys and games spark wonder
  • 217. my precious family. words cannot express.
  • 218. a God who loved enough to give. 
  • 219. a Son who loved enough to die. 
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:: it's a pie shell ::

you see, i made pie this Christmas, blueberry. and as i poured the dark purple berries in their thick syrup into a patiently waiting pastry shell, i watched them flood and fill until the edges were brimming with sweetness. 

but even as i covered the pie with carefully cut lattice strips and slid it into the waiting heat, i felt the touch on my soul and the whisper

do you see this thing of being filled?
it's okay to be out of room, dearheart.
because when you spill over, you bless.

it's about having more than you can handle, more than your words can fully form and it spills over. maybe that's why i'm counting my blessings differently this Monday, this day that normally flows with rising numbers as i tick them off one by one. 

because i'm overflowing.

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  1. Jumped over from Ann's ... love and am feeling Joy today too! Thanks for counting!

    Blessings on 2012
    In His Arms, Beth

  2. Wow, this post gave me chills. You are such a gifted writer. And you list of gratitudes is lovely. I am like you. This was a season of change for me and I will never be the same. Have a blessed day.

    Maria @ A Blooming Spirit

  3. Overflowing...that's how full my Christmas was with family, friends and best of all, the beautiful service celebrating the Christ of Christmas.

    A truly beautiful post. I feel so blessed to be able to read it.

    Blessings to you,

  4. Here's to not-normal living!

    Here's to real fullness.
    Real life.
    Real love.
    Real worship.

    Here's to an upside-down kingdom and an upside-down life.

  5. Very much like the image of the pie and being filled to overflowing, blessing. Pray for this for myself as well.

  6. Blessings overflowing in Muncie, too. Such precious times with family and friends -- with God's presence overflowing from each heart. God is good, and this post cemented the thoughts swirling in the back of my mind.

    Bless you,


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