Friday, December 30, 2011

inked :: tattooed :: inscribed

{i am left, she is right}
photo by dramaticelegance
today, i crossed another item off my bucket list.

i now bear my first ink. a small kanji on my right wrist whispers two unknown words that beat with my heart.

:: elder sister ::

they match, her ink and mine. as much as two sisters, so different, can have eternal art on their skin, and it be the same. 

hers is thin, almost airy in its strokes. mine is thicker, bolder, with lightly feathered ends. they're different, like we are. 

but there's still one part that is the same. that one word, six letters that makes them the same. 


i find profoundness in the marking of one's skin with permanence. it's a sacred act, a mirroring of the marks that my Father bears on His palms. 

the Son is pierced, the Father is tattooed. 

behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands
your walls are continually before Me.

inscribe: to write, to carve, to engrave

{via pinterest}
there is permanence in this, this thing of marking love on the skin. of speaking volumes to a world that might not understand these strange words we speak of "born again" and "redeemed" and "sanctified."

but they understand ink, and blood, and eternity. 

never erased. 
always there. 

and so i wear ink. it's not my last, not by far. it's beautiful and powerful and so sacred. i'm overwhelmed and undone, almost feeling unworthy by the beauty, the reminder. 

because i'm inscribed on my skin, and i'm inscribed on His palms. 

eternity. engraved.


  1. (if that's your wrist...then where is your hand? :P *quizzically studies photo*)

    anyway. lovely lovely. :) it's really beautiful. very "you". i'm still pondering what i'd like to do for my first tattoo. i never thought about tattoos and the verse about us being inscribed on His palms (although that has long been a favorite passage of mine). powerful thoughts there.

  2. Beautiful! I absolutely love them. Makes me want to do something so preciously permanent with someone i love.

    In fact, my aunt and uncle had their wedding rings tattooed on. I've always wanted to do that :)


  3. i feel as though i've stumbled into another corner of my heart coming here...

  4. I love it!!! The tattoo and the words. My man and I have our first initial on each others wedding finger. Inscribed. I also have one on my ankle, a Celtic trinity/eternity symbol that reminds me that it's all spiritual.

  5. I recently started following your blog and scrolled through past entries and read this one . . . I wept because you so eloquently put into words how I feel about my first tattoo that I got in 2011 at age 52. My husband and I have been married for 33 years, adopted our first child after 10 years of marriage who is now 22 and has moderate autism and had the incredible privilege of bearing our daughter who is now 21. I cannot put into words here the incredible journey that God has taken us on these past three decades but there was no doubt what my tattoo on my right shoulder would be--Soulmate--and, yes, my Soulmate bears the same tattoo on his right shoulder.


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