Monday, December 19, 2011

turning Christmas pages {207-212}

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it's less than a week to Christmas.

i'm having a hard time believing that Christmas is really this close. i'm one of those people who peaks ahead on every new calender, pressing my finger to the 25th of December like a little child and whispers

how many more days are left?

the blessings that flock among these days are more than i can ever begin to comprehend, more than i could ever share in one place at one time. this season seems to be wallpapered with eucharisteo, from head to toe with grace.

but as always, i'm going to raise grateful fingers to heaven, and count...

  • 207. this first year of being a family of six. Kyle home for Christmas from the US Army, laughter shared and memories exchanged until our sides split. 
  • 208. live pine in the living room. imperfect just like we are. 
  • 209. the overflow of love from sisters across the nation found in my mailbox over the past week. books and notes of love, reminders that we're connected, that we're a sisterhood here. 
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  • 210. our first sprinkling of snow. short-lived, but it was here. 
  • 211. the sacrifice of a Father to share His Son with the world. the sacred blended with the earthy, Holiness clad in flesh. 
  • 212. warm quilts and fluffy pillows and White Christmas. there are some traditions that i will never cease to adore. 

i love Christmas. but to me, there's more to Christmas than just the story found in the second chapter of Luke, more than we see or comprehend with our mortal minds. there's a big picture, a book with more than one page.

so i'm doing Christmas differently this year on my blog.

i'm unfurling those forgotten pages, showing the other sides of this time of year when Love came down and virgin arms cradled Emmanuel against her breast.

to read the first part of this sacred saga, visit here: the first-page :: havah.

because there is more than first glace can reveal. that's the mystery of my Jesus.

there is more. 
He is more. 

and i ache to drown in this mystery.

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  1. Beautiful post! Loved reading your gifts from above. Merry Christmas!

  2. mmm. i love this. it all does start at the beginning, doesn't it? many people forget that. thank you for always writing about the things that really matter.

  3. nice...i love your list of pages...and blessings...have yet to get that sprinkle of snow...may be coming though...i hope so...have a lovely christmas!


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