Thursday, February 17, 2011


"You, sing me to sleep
Talk down my walls
Look through my windows as I wait
You could be the thief
I give the key to..." ~
The Thief, Brooke Fraser

There is something so romantic about a key.

I have held a certain love for them for quite some time.

I wear them about my neck and in my ears in many pieces of jewelry, holding them quite close to my heart.

Yes, it might be just a scrap or two of old bits of metal, melted down and molded into a device for opening a door.

But even still...

Perhaps it is only the silly, foolish romantic in me that find some sort of delicacy in something so humble and insignificant...

... but there is a power to this tiny object.

It is one of kind.

A small, delicate kind of object.

There is such a strength behind something so small...seemingly innocent and fragile.

A key has the power to reveal that which is hidden... find what has been lost... capture a moment forever behind a door, or to free something held captive for far too long.

Keys can do much as much damage as they can do good.

So guard your keys closely...

...or else a thief will come and steal your heart away.

He will unlock your secrets, and hold your treasures.
...but perhaps it wouldn't be so bad after all.

There is a romance to be found in keys...

...and it comes when your heart has been stolen away.

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