Wednesday, October 10, 2012

sprouting branches : day five/ten

i'm learning to sprout extra branches these days.

two hands used to be enough for cell phone and coffee and driving down the road with too much on my mind all at the same time. but now i have precious cargo in the backseat, and so now i drive ten miles slower than i used to with sneaky sips of coffee to stay alive. 

and i'm growing extra branches and blossoming here, because i'm seeing what's important. i'm slowing down and savouring these moments, because i looked at her this morning and saw a growing flower in my garden. 

my seed is already sprouting a little bud with hints of pink petals, signs of life of her own. she's brushed off all that dirt from her shoulders and reaching up fingers all on her own toward the light. she's seeing more, knowing more. 

it's already almost been a month. 
can you believe it?

so everyone in my house is growing as the world starts to hibernate. i'm getting the hang of juggling little girl on my hip while i do the banking with one hand and raise the other toward the sky with a whispered prayer of

can You send me an extra whisper of strength today?
not too much, just enough...

{via pinterest}
and i'm resonating with the leaves that fall on the ground in this season, but i don't have the time to fall. i can't fall down until she's tucked up asleep with little lips open and curving into a sleepy smile from mysterious baby dreams.  

and then maybe i can crumble for a moment into strong man arms and cry for just a second from overwhelming moments of emotion and the realization that my branches are extending, and growing pains hurt after all. 

but i have a Daddy to carry me in the moments when the ground seems very far away, and i'm being parented while i parent by the ultimate Father who gets it all. 

and so i'm taking a breath, and tying on a babywearing wrap of fabric and facing life like i used to...just with a few more blossoming branches.

carved on one is mother
and another says woman
and yet another speaks warrioress

some are new. some are old. some are rediscovered. 
but all are my branches. 
and He's tending them all. 

{being imperfect with emily today}


  1. Hi there! You have a beautiful blog and a beautiful little one. So sweet! :). I noticed that many of the images you have on your site note "via pinterest". As a photographer I know that the artists that created the images would surely appreciate a credit for their art and perhaps even a link back to thier own site. Thank for listening. :).

  2. You are beautiful. Your sweet thing is precious...those eyes pop, don't they? Thinking of you while you juggle banking and a one month old on your hip!

  3. This is such. a beautiful. journey. to be witnessing. And I'm so grateful for the opportunity to watch. :) Thank you.

  4. What a precious post, you weave words beautifully. Savor each and every moment of mommyhood, it's the best!


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