Thursday, August 22, 2013

the silent moment :: everything

i remember the night i held a gun to my head. and it was the quietest moment of my life.

i was seventeen. the gun was plastic, a $2 knicknack from WalMart, one of maybe twenty just like it, tossed into a plastic bin and carried from one country to another. i was one of close to four thousand other teenagers all pressed closed and gathered in a Peruvian resort, all in pursuit of discipleship and missions. seven of us felt something tug at us. we were performing the Lifehouse Everything Skit.

it's burned into my head. standing on that stage, the music in the background, every step and movement rehearsed to an art. and how can i stand here with You and not be moved by You....and then came the lifting of the pistol to my head.

it was the most profound hush of my entire life. everything else seemed to fade out, a whisper in the background as i met with the Most High for the first time in the most sacred of ways. it was the first time i ever heard Him speak. and i was holding a plastic gun against my temple.

you're about to throw yourself at Me figuratively
darkness is holding death
throw yourself at Me literally 
i will catch You. 
let go of death, grasp tight to Life
i will catch You. 
{photo by Ron Nickel; property of dramaticelegance}

i was supposed to drop the gun to the floor. 
i threw it across the room. 

i was supposed to lean toward my friend playing Jesus, reaching for his hand. 
i flung myself at Him. 

there were other actors there, playing temptation, lust, deception, distractions. they were there to fight me, to keep me from Him. they were acting, and so was i. but there was something deep in me that was not acting. something had broken inside me. and it got loud inside me for a split second. it was a moment of warring, clawing and clutching for the hand of the Holy One.

and then He dove in and held them back. arms stretched out, He held back the flood. 

and the quiet came again. the hush of the Holy overcame me and something inside me settled. i was on my knees, three thousand miles from my American home and comforts, from my familiar church and my well-known faces. 

He met me there, silent in the crowd 
with a plastic pistol to my head. 


  1. what a powerful moment.

  2. This is still the ONE skit that makes me weep every time I watch it or hear it or think of it. And this post? It's holy.

  3. This is a piece of sacred beauty as I look as how your skin is stretching to find Him in this new place. Thank you for this glimpse into your holy moment with Him.


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