Tuesday, September 17, 2013

do not dare not to dare //

{photo by dramaticelegance}
i feel like the world has been chasing me with this thrashing. honestly, i think it's really comical that this thing that i have been hiding from for so long is now pursuing me, or at least putting itself in my path. i turn twenty-three in little less than a week, and i am just discovering. someone told me that it's because i'm aware of it, in tune with myself now.

but i don't think that's entirely the reason. i think that my eyes are finally open enough that the calling, the pulling, has finally allowed itself to crawl out from the cave and whisper i'm here. i've always been here. can you see me? 

part of me really wants to write about this. i feel like i've been waiting for my entire life to feel this strange warring freedom. but then comes that fear, the familiar flavour that weighs my soul down. it almost makes me want to let go and let the current pull me the safe way, the way that doesn't make my arms ache.

i wrote some time ago about taking off the veil and looking darkness in the eyes. i don't mean evil darkness :: the Lion already holds the key. i mean the strange unknown, the part that lingers in the  shadow when i've been too scared to pull back the curtains and let the light trace over my skin.

i'm not ashamed. i am afraid. but i am pressing my forehead against the stone wall while i seek solace from the din.

sometimes being on the ground // means a new season is coming

{photo by dramaticelegance}
it's autumn. there's a lot of death associated with the falling leaves and fading grass. but there's something resurrecting about this season. it's been hot, pressing, almost suffocating, with air so thick that i almost wanted to push it off myself like a constricting garment. 

and then comes the whispering cool air, taking my hair and floating it across my face. it's like some ethereal veil reminding me, you are seen, if only by He that holds the Wind

and He is not threatened by your questions. 

it's a digging in. it's painful. it's reaching deep into yourself with gently curling fingers and digging into the dirt. and it makes me shudder and gasp. it's gorgeous. 

sometimes He digs in His claws and flays me wide. but that's not what He's doing right now. my soul is whispering, echoing soft Lion-growl :: do not dare not to dare. (lewis) i am humming His name like it's the last melody i know. i am reaching up.

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  1. "and He is not threatened by your questions. " Just perfect ♥ I've wrestled around and thrashed about for most of my life since I can remember. There's something to the thrashing itself that is freeing.

  2. Dear Rachael
    I know this feeling! Moses was so filled with fear when God's presence enveloped Mt Sinai, but still he went up and saw God's glory! Can you imagine how Abraham must have felt when he left his home country and the Israelites walking through the Red See. Like a friend of mine said the other day; if he were a Hebrew child walking through the Red sea at the time of Moses, he would have poked the water wall with his finger just to see what would happen. One step at a time, dear one!
    Blessings XX

  3. Yes, Rachael! A new season is coming! The enemy wants us looking back with fear, wants us pulled under by the quicksand of it all.

    Have courage! Go forth! God always has something ahead for His precious daughters.


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