Saturday, December 7, 2013

the f-word

i remember the first time i said the f-word
in front of my mother.
and her face turned pale and she cleared her throat and spoke
“you know we don’t approve of that word.”

i remember the first time i wrote down the f-word
in my journal.
and my fingers quivered and i whispered inside myself
“do I really approve of that word?”

i remember the first time i said the f-word
to my husband.
and he smiled with his eyes from the driver’s seat and said
“good. I’m proud of you.”

i remember the first time i said the f-word
in relation to Jesus, spoken casually about Him, in His direction,
and i  felt power flow out of Him and heard the wind whisper
“that’s right.

I’m a feminist too.” 

{i'm doing 40 days of poetry, a new adventure for me. i'm sharing them with you, little bits at a time.} 


  1. wow. cool you are on a poetry journey...and had me going there a second...
    and i am def for the promotion of all people..and all living things...

    except maybe politicians...ok, ok, i will work on that...smiles.

  2. That was perfect. Epic. Legen...dary.

  3. Dear sweet Rachel
    Your words made me smile and I just love your tenacity. My friend, always remember that our Lord is very powerful and able and more than able to let us know when we are crossing the line through our consciences. I have learned through the years that I am NOT the Holy Spirit Junior.
    Blessings XX
    PS. Hope things are still in order for your guest post.

  4. looove this.

    so much grace and peace to you, rachel. <3


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