Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The simple fact of peace

Maybe it's just me, but peace seems to be a rather elusive yet coveted phantom these days.

In these days of economic crisis, everyone is seeking to find that quiet place...that secure job that will bring them and their families' security, that religious awakening that will reignite their stagnant souls...and it's just not there right now.

Yes, the world's peace is a mirage these days. God's peace, however, never changes and is not dependent on the economy or your current life's circumstances.

I myself have been struggling with one particular area of my life...struggling is actually a pretty decent understatement. I have been panicking and even seriously freaking out, at times. Fear has been ever nipping at my heels, a weapon of the Devil's, constantly reminding me of everything that I am not and could never be, even if I tried.

Physical pain -- actually, a lot of physical pain, which I do not handle well, as a general rule. Complications in money -- in fact, our entire budgeting system would have to be completely redone. Uprooting and changing locations. My own personal inadequacy to complete the enormous task that would be required of me.

It was last Saturday evening, on my way to Rockford, that God finally got hold of me. He flooded my mind with a verse: "You will keep [her] in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You." (Isaiah 26:3)

It was as if He was saying, "Rachel, I've got this. You are worrying about something that, as of yet, is not definite, and may or may not happen for several years. And even if I choose to allow this to happen in your life right now, I am in control. You are safe with Me."

That is my reality. I am more than a conquerer. I am in His arms, and I am safe with Him.

You will be safe in His arms. You will be safe in His arms. 'Cause the hands that hold the world are holding your heart. This is the promise He made; He will be with You always. When everything is falling apart, You will be safe in His arms.

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  1. Wow, Rachel! This is a fantastic blog! You write so well! I love this article you wrote. :-) -Megan Erickson


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