Thursday, May 27, 2010


Heaviness pressing on my chest,
Harder and harder to breathe.
Days blur together; will I never be well again?
Father's worried eyes stand out knife-blue in his wind-scarred face;
Mother's pale face speaks of nights without sleep, filled with yet unspoken prayers.

Woolen blankets cover me, and yet I shiver;
My mind will not slow, my heart will not beat.
Breathe in....breathe out...breathe in...breathe out...bre---...

My eyes are open. I see nothing.
My heart is still. My breath is lost.
A scream.

...eyes snap open.
Dark wood, green light.
Trees that block the sun...
...nothing moves.
My heart is thudding in my chest; fear begins to creep over me.
Someone laughs. Deep, chilling -- the most frightening sound I have ever heard.
Something is pulling me -- an invisable rope of fire and ice.
The sound grows louder.
I am not moving, but I am falling.
The voice is a hiss and a scream all at once....
...I am dead...

One. Word.

White light, one single beam.
The voice is thunder. A rushing stream. A sunrise. A storm.
A hand reaches out, pulls me...
Strong. Warm. Safe. Terrifying.
The hiss melts, fades.
The terror has died.
Only peace.
Only love.
Only His face....
In that moment, I know.
I am His.
"ARISE!" eyes open.
Mother is holding my hand.
Father is weeping.
He is there, standing beside me.
I sit up.
"Give her something to eat."


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