Monday, June 21, 2010


This past weekend, DisneyPixar came out with yet another masterpiece in cinematic entertainment. Toy Story 3, a continuation on the incredible story of a loyal toy cowboy and his space-commander pall.

Woody and Buzz, with their lovable posse of plastic and wooden comrades, has been through quite a few daring escapades together. But now, just like the original audience of the previous two movies, their "boy," Andy, is all grown up and heading off to the next adventure is his own life: college.

As I sat in that theater, I couldn't help but allow my mind to think about a few obvious truths that were dancing in front of my eyes in glowing 3-D.

Growing up is the easy part; it's living like a grown-up where things become tricky. College, marriage, starts to take a turn for the complicated, painful, and, at times, morosely tedious.

But then, we take a moment to open that old toy chest, re-read that old journal. We allow the familiar, musty-scented friends of our childhood to flood back into our overly-busy lives once again. We brush off the cobwebs and open our hearts to our own versions of Buzz and Woody....

...we become children again.

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