Friday, June 11, 2010

Lightning Bugs

Tonight, I saw my first lightning bug.

Tonight, two people I love are hurting.

I spent part of my evening on the phone, loving on a precious girl whose world just fell down around her.

Things she thought she knew suddenly became strange and foreign.

For her, nothing makes sense anymore. The plans, the dreams...once barely within seem to have drifted miles away.

All she has is God...

...and that boy, sitting in front of his computer on the other side of the country, wanting her to know that he loves her, no matter he lifts up his hand to finish her cyber-Skype heart.

And then there's my other friend.

Sitting in front of his computer, allowing his mind to wander over the past. Realizing that the things that he thought he knew, thought he did...just weren't...

...seeking some sort of distraction from the countless questions thundering like wild horses, prancing helter-skelter though his mind.

All he has is God...

...and that girl, sitting under a leafy tree somewhere in the world, writing in her journal. Waiting for her love to appear and sweep her off her feet....dreaming of her better half...dreaming of him.

...and then I realized...

...pain is a lightning bug.

It hurts. It's ugly, like a tiny brown bug. It creeps around us with no hint of beauty or purpose in the world.

And then it lifts, rising into the sky. The light flickers.

Beauty from pain.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of tattered dreams and seemingly endless sorrow.

...pain is a lightning bug.

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