Monday, June 4, 2012


{via pinterest}
all the colors
of the rainbow
hidden 'neath my skin
hearts have colors
don't we all know?
red runs through our veins
feel the fire burning up
inspire me with blood
of blue and green
i have hope
inside is not a heart
but a kaleidoscope
{kaleidoscope heart // sara barielles}

this song has been the soundtrack to my soul since the moment it first passed from my Pandora station into my ears. 

it stuck with me, as things have been doing lately. is it the hormones? is this my soul's version of nesting, perhaps? is my spiritual self starting to line the nest with the softest and most beautiful of things to prepare for what is to come in a mere 13 weeks, if even that long? 

it's certainly become a kaleidoscope pathway for me, as though the granite blocks have suddenly been fitted with some sort of intricate scroll-work that i never noticed before, and all i want to do is stop and study every detail. 

this summer is captivating me. it just started, four days into June and i'm feeling like exploding into peony petals and white picket fences. i want to spend every single day possible barefoot in the grass and dancing down the creek despite my ever-growing belly.

and so i removed the design that i've had for almost a year now, and i made it new. i tweaked and changed and made it fit the changing me. the sacred feminine inside me that i've squished for so long, but am now allowed to peak out of the crevices.

it's become a kaleidoscope of His story, of His breath mixed with the light to swirl and create something ever beautiful and ever changing.

it's sacredness, and it's mine to inhale.

:: deep breath in ::


  1. i love the new look! embrace. enjoy. exalt.

  2. Love me some Sara Barielles!

    Glad to hear you had a day to relax yesterday. No internet is sometimes a good thing.

  3. love the joy in your words...the desire to dance...even being pregnant...smiles....and that is a great song...found her like a year and a half ago and that is def one of my favs of hers...


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