Saturday, June 2, 2012

red string

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:: i am wind woman ::
:: air daughter ::
:: dove child ::

i am bleeding ink and whispering prayers in the same breath,
learning to lean on windowpanes and not so much on sinking sand.

this is a Solid Rock kind of moment,
barefoot at the burning bush with knees pressed to grass.
leaning on me is futile. leaning on Him is essential.

they say that soulmates are connected by an invisible red string
and no matter how far they go apart, the string pulls them together in the end.

my Saviour and i are tied by the red rope of redemption,
drenched in His blood, one end around my wrist, one end tied to the cross.

and so i'm learning to rely
on red strings and winds from the east
on Lion's breath and eagle's wings.
blessed assurance
Jesus is mine


  1. I loved this, and needed it too.
    I easily forget my soul mate, or worse, am trying to remove the red string.
    "Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!"

  2. "one end around my wrist, one end tied to the cross"

    oh yes, this.

    beautiful words, beautiful Saviour

  3. wow, my heart is full with these words.


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