Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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we are all soul creatures, made to be seen; we are created to be cradled and tenderly adored. 
:: and yet we tremble at the thought of it ::

the above passage from the lips of my bohemian sister have been haunting me since i first read them. i knew they were important, i knew they were resonating with me for a reason. 

i just didn't know why. 

but i do now. because now my warrioress spirit is churning up and my fingers and tangled with grief into thick dark curls and i feel like breaking down into two kinds of weeping. 

once for the joy of truth known.
twice for the agonizing grief of truth kept hidden.

dear Christian women of the world, stop. please, please stop. please put down the measuring cups and brush your hands down your aprons for just a moment, tip your heads back, and cry your name to the skies. i dare you. wherever you are, wail those beautiful syllables from earth to Heaven. your name, the one given by parents, the word known before the creation of the earth. 

the one etched in blood and ink on the pierced palms of the One who died for you, too

whoever told you that you had to blend into the woodwork, to be a wallflower and wait with lips pressed together in the silence and shadows...oh, sweet sister, they lied to you. 

because you are seen. and He craves to see you. 
did you know that? 

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did you know that your name is beautiful and that He speaks it with a smile? have you ever been told that His heart sings when He looks down and sees His daughters with open palms raised to the skies and a warrior-beat thudding between their ribs?

the introverts who peer up from swooping bangs and sing in the silence, the extroverts who leap to bare feet and dance up one aisle and down another. you are warrrioress, and you are too, sister. 

the veil was already torn, dearheart. why do you crave to cling to shredded fabric and hide there with your face shrouded and your eyes down to the stones by your feet. 

He is not down, He is up! He is risen, and you are raised to glory. so tip back those beautiful faces and speak that name to the sky. speak for your daughters, those ones who need a hand to guide them down the bravery path just for now. their feathers are still forming, these dove-daughters, and they need a map to follow. and He made it, and you speak it to their little ears. 

this is truth. open, honest, raw, beautiful truth.

you were made to been seen, to be heard, to be known. 

leap in the meadows and roar with your Daddy Lion. cling to His mane and sing His song at the top of your lungs. 

you were made be to loved this much. 

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  1. whoo, I feel like roaring! this was awesome, rachel. i love it ♥

  2. This is so so beautiful, Rachel! I really don't know what else to say! :) It makes me want to open the windows and sing at the top of my lungs!

  3. Wow! :D Love this so much! Beautifully written, Rachel!

  4. you were made to be loved this much. wow, Rachel. this was beautiful--I was getting chills & goosebumps reading it. (:

  5. your words are always so full of life.

  6. this is so beautiful. you are so beautiful. your words stir hearts with life

  7. I love this line "their feathers are still forming, these dove-daughters".
    It immediately brought to life what a woman is, her animal self, her sacred, growing self - love it and love your passion! xo

  8. Reads, in all the best ways, like a battle cry.

  9. love the strength and truth in your voice...crave is a great word...and you were created to be loved this much....a beautiful battle cry...

  10. For all the girls who don't have names thought out with heart and soul - like me - I so look forward to the day when I hear His name for me! Yet, I am right there with you, learning to see me as He sees me, to stand tall, assured of my place in His family! I agree with Brandee - your post is a fiercely beautiful battle cry!

  11. Yes. 'He is risen, and you are raised to glory.' What a great reminder of our place with Christ. Your passion is infectious. And your words are lovely.

  12. So beautiful, Rachel. Really makes me want to celebrate :). I hope all is well in your world. Thinking about your little warrioress...

  13. I've never cried my name to the heavens, but I have been known to howl at the coyotes (and they howl back). A different kind of communion.
    You have wonderful music on this site: spiritual and worshipful without being preachy. What is it? I want more!


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