Sunday, May 20, 2012


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i am learning about expectancy.
not the act itself, but rather the level i dare to have.

because i don't have nearly enough, because my Jesus meets His loves at the level of their expectancy. i didn't notice that my tank was brushing e, that i didn't have nearly the amount that He aches for me to have.

the man whose daughter slipped from Earth to death, he begged Him to come and heal, to come and raise. just come, don't linger, just come now.
:: and Jesus went, and raised :: 

the solider who took a knee on dirt path and stone and whispered, "i know the power, i know the authority of a word. speak here, and my servant is healed."
:: and Jesus spoke, there on the road, and healed ::

the woman who bled, and reached out two trembling fingers just to brush against the hem of filthy fabric that composed the Saviour's robe. "if only i can touch, i will be healed."
and Jesus whispered in the pulsing crowd of a thousand fingers, 
:: "who touched Me? power went from Me, and I felt it go." ::

and i do not have her level of expectancy. i do not hold enough. i am the needy child who tugs His arm again and again and cries, "come now, Daddy...can You fix it?"
{via pinterest}

i don't expect enough from Him. i whisper "maybe You can...can You?" i should reach out with two tiny fingers and touch, and know. all i have to do is touch, and He will give.

and so i let the branches of self-doubt and human reasoning twist so that no more hope can seep out. it's just too risky, you see, to expect so much. too much gets lost, too much me gets forgotten, i think.

but oh, and then i realize that light is unconstrained, or else it is darkness. and expectation becomes the knowing, the watching and waiting not with maybe but with will come.

and i let my dreaded soul open, and run, and wail joy and knowing to the skies.

i'm kneeling in the dirt here, barefoot and broken. i'm reaching out for the hem of His robe.

and i know.


  1. so, so beautiful, Rachel. Jesus will meet us wherever we're at, but we can put so much more of our faith in Him than we do, and he will always be there for us, never disappointing us. so true.

  2. Rachel,
    So true! We whisper "Geez, God, mayb can you?". Why don't we ask in bold statements and ways? Why don't we expect enough? For me, it feels selfish. Gotta work on that one.

  3. Oh, I love this - the examples of where Jesus met his miracles where they were, at the limit of their belief. Some days it's like there are two of me, one that believes and asks with utter trust - and those moments, when I feel alone trying to shove away those feelings of worthlessness. You have a beautiful way with your faith Rachel!


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