Sunday, June 17, 2012

reaching out for life

{28 1/2 weeks}
photo by DramaticElegance and PinkStudios 
i've often marveled at the gravitational pull that my stomach seems to bear these days. it's as though people cannot help themselves from reaching out, from pressing their fingers against my taut skin.

:: they want to feel the life inside

and i have to admit, as much as i was dreading these outstretched hands into my personal space and even against my body itself, i've found myself seeing the profoundness in this simple gesture.

people would not be touching my stomach if it was just me, wandering around and making my way through the world on a day-to-day basis. it's not something that you do to just anyone.

but i'm pregnant, and there is life beneath my skin. it's not me they want to touch, it's her. it's not my skin they're desperate to feel, but the little wiggles and pokes that remind the world that there is indeed a person dwelling within a person.

// they're reaching out for life //

and isn't that how things should be with all of us? shouldn't spirits be gravitated toward us, whispering

you have Life. let us feel. 
we just want to touch Him. 

that's what i want, all the time, even after this little one is born and in the world. i want hands reaching out, not for me, because it's not me they're desperate to feel. it's not my spirit they want to connect with, to feel flowing like electric water through their veins.

it's Him. even the hem of His robe is enough. they just want to feel the Man dwelling within.

:: they're reaching out for life ::


  1. I long for life, when I so often forget how much of it is all around me. In the trees, in the birds, in the small ants marching by. It's *everywhere*. You just need to look.

  2. You always inspire me with your beautiful words.

  3. It's true, Rachel. We do so want to touch and be touched by His life. Beautiful metaphor and congrats on the little life that's growing inside you. Can't wait to hear about when she makes an appearance! :)

  4. what a beautiful way to look at it! i loved being pregnant, but sometimes, i admit that as i'm not a "touch" person, it could really wear on me to be sought out in such a way - - but your view here, yes! this makes such sense. life trembling just below the surface.

  5. You look absolutely stunning. Such a sweet way to think of sharing the little life you carry. Beautiful.

  6. very cool...i def like your perspective on this...and i think life is a great thing for people to be reaching, gonna be here soon...smiles.


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