Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the sacred yes // the sacred no

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i've been doing so much soul-searching over the past several weeks. my blogger voice has been silent, i know, as i have tried to bring some sort of semblance to my life.

and then rain wrote her soul-prompt on the sacred yes and the sacred no.

and it was then that i realized that my whole life has become a sacred yes. and then, it has been a sacred no at the very same time.

 // By the sacred yes or sacred no I mean that affirmation or negation that comes from a deep place of wisdom and courage, even if it creates conflict or disagreement. The sacred yes is not willful or egocentric, but rather is willing and surrendered. The sacred no is not rebellion or refusal, but always the necessary protecting of boundaries. ~richard rohr 
i am a new mother of two very fragile and breathtaking months that have pressed me beyond what i ever thought possible. on 01 January, 2012, i said "yes" to being brave. twelve days later, i discovered that my yes was more expensive than i ever imagined.

and over and over, since that day when i discovered that my body was no longer my own and that my life would never bee the same again, i heard His voice whispering inside my soul

you gave Me your "yes."
and I have taken it. 
and I will show you beyond your wildest imaginings 
what can happen when you give Me yes. 

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and my sacred yes has expanded to include much. so, so much.

yes :: i die to myself daily and live in Him for him and for her. 
yes :: i love boldly, even though i know it will one day hurt me beyond my wildest imaginings. 
yes :: i will raise a warrioress in a world where warrioresses are absent and fingers down the throat prevail. 
yes :: i will find my identity in Him. 

and in this journey, i have had to do something that i find so hard, almost horrible, almost impossible to do.

i have had to say no.

no :: i cannot do everything, i cannot please everyone. i must stop or else i will destruct
no :: i need please no one but my Jesus. i am my own, and no mold will contain me
no :: i will no longer chase 50K this year. maybe next, but not now. it is not the time. now is Marian's time.
no :: i will not allow fear or guilt or shame or pressure to cloud me, and in turn, cloud my marriage and my daughter's life.

and in my wrestlings with God, i have become Israel -- no longer Jacob, the usurper of the Throne of my soul. but a new nation of mother and leader and warrioress in my own right. 


  1. amen. you are a beautiful example and a wonderful mother, dear rachel. not to mention extremely inspiring. ;)

    >>----> joyfully tending her garden @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for your encouraging... I'd say "post", but it's more a way of life, really. It's beautiful, and I am drawn closer to Jesus by your example.

    Again, thank you, and the Lord be with you.


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