Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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there's something about the unknown, something deep that i cannot fully explain, even though i'd like to try. we've become a people set on the solving the unsolvable, unmasking the hidden, and insisting on the knowing and the knowing now. 

but there's a lot of power in these unknown things. and it's okay to exhale and whisper, 

i know naught, save Thee. 

there is so much power in the things that are yet hidden, those things too vast and too beautiful and too strange to comprehend. things He knows, and that i don't. because He is God, and i am not. 

and sometimes i don't know how i'll take one more breath, because life is hard sometimes and the dishes fill the sink and the tears fall to match the shower drops, invisible to all but the One who sees it all.

and there are times i find myself on my knees with the water raining down on my head and strands of hair falling on my face, and the ceramic is the only thing keeping me from falling down through the core of the Earth.

but getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way
to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of 
:: air ::
{sarah kay}

because He is One, and He is Three. and i am body that dies but soul that lives eternal. and i cling to the Rock that is higher than i, and i stand in the storm. 

i want to live from inhale to exhale, and then live again. i want to burn with the holy fire that never goes out, never falters, even in the rain. 

and i lift my hands and sing fire to the sunrise, the mantra of the warrioress that thuds beneath my skin as familiar as my heartbeat. 

i know naught, save Thee. 

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  1. you don't know how much this resonates with me, Rachel. i'll spare you the explanation-too-long-for-a-comment-box, but just let me say that i'm so with this. so willing to be a mystic if it means the mystery doesn't get sucked out of my faith by the chapter and verse that corresponds to every move made and a finger-wagging warning to go with every fear. i'd rather live by spirit than by letter any day of the week, even Sunday. and even if it raises some whitewashed eyebrows. they killed Jesus for nothing less.

    thanks for this. wow. you spoke my heart.

  2. One breath to the next. Sometimes that's all there is. And each one a gift.

  3. Rachel may you feel the encouragement and hope which you so freely offer here. Beautiful you, I love this. I know those tears like drops in the shower. And those mysteries and those things we dont know?? Well we know and love Him. And that is sufficient, more than. Beautiful worship.


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