Tuesday, April 2, 2013

:: brave looks good on you

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i've been compelled by bravery in recent days.

i think it's because i'm learning more about my Jesus, more about this journey that He and i are taking. and i'm embracing the fear that might come, because it makes me lean against His chest more and whisper,

hold me, Daddy. 

i got a new tattoo on my leg this past week, the kind that hurts a lot more than you thought it would. but i closed my eyes and embraced the ache because it was a beautiful picture for me, spending my Good Friday with the low throb on my skin.

because He marked His skin for me, in a holy different way. and then He broke the bonds and rose up, up, the phoenix from the ashes of death with a resurrected Lion's roar.

I am the Resurrection.
I am the Life.
I AM. 

and so i have a phoenix of my own now. it's my reminder to be brave, to sing in the flames while holding the hand of the One, the Son of God. 

{photo by DramaticElegance}
it's standing on the Rock that is mightier than i, reaching out for the hem of the robe of the Broken Lamb. 

i won't lie, i'm more like Peter than i'd like to admit. the fearful one, shaking by the fire with trembling lips and eyes downcast to the ashes gathered by my toes. 

and i have to reach up and touch the marks of Love that track down His back, the holes through His hands, the ones that speak of the most incredible self-sacrificing Love. 

now i reach down to the mark on my leg, the red and black, the flames and the petals. and i smile to myself and whisper

:: be adventurous more often
brave looks good on you, dearheart.  


  1. Brave does look good on you! Beautiful post! Love your tattoo. Blessings to you. Stopping by from SDG Party.

  2. Yes, dearheart, brave does look good on you indeed! Thank you for this wonderful reminder to be brave. I'm slowly learning this as well.

    xo, Jemimah

  3. love this--the strength, the courage. . . the beauty.

  4. "to sing in the flames while holding the hand of the One, the Son of God"

    I love this. I need to be more brave; it's a constant struggle. But "singing in the flames" makes it sound more doable. Thanks.

  5. This is gorgeous, Rachel. You made me slow, made me contemplative. Your words are like old, really good wine. They go down so smooth and soothing. I love, *love*, I tell you, that you got a tattoo on Good Friday. You brave girl.

    I'd like to invite you to a link-up I'm hosting, #concretewords. You can join us this week to write on "the Truck" or next week for our prompt: the Moon--all the info is right there on the site. http://sixinthehickorysticks.blogspot.com/2013/03/cowgirl-manure-princesses-get-seat-next.html

  6. Hi Rachel
    Oh, dear one you are just one of a sort!! I just love your love for Jesus, your Lord! Putting your reminder of His love on your leg instead of in your purse like most women does!! Hahahahahaaa....Priceless! For you via Emily's.
    Much love XX

  7. what a beautiful representation of the resurrection. love this, Rachel.
    hope calling out from your very skin, whispers penetrating deep.

  8. Learning to wear brave too! thank you this is beautiful

  9. I love this and it almost makes me want to get my own tattoo for I love the symbolism that is all over this post and your healing leg. I think Brave looks a lot better on us than we are aware and your piece here might just help inspire more of us to try it out more often.
    Thank you!

  10. oo...very cool tat...and a nice constant reminder as well of the resurrection...and hey look what was done through peter as well you know...i relate to peter too...

  11. Very lovely and great reminder. I have a tattoo of a tree of life that says "Rooted and Grounded," gotten when I desperately needed to know that being rooted in God's love would stabilize me. Blessings to you. Visiting via Emily.


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