Monday, January 6, 2014

here's to indecency

{photo by Jennifer Upton}
monotony is easy. safe is easy.

quite frankly, there are days when I'd so much rather withdraw into the protected little hovel I dug for myself in the early days. sometimes I want to go back to when the words were pretty and drew a crowd and fit where they was "supposed to," according to the rule list.

who made those rules? I'm still not exactly sure. but I can tell you this much :: it wasn't Jesus.

two days ago, I wrote about being published with profanity. the piece isn't even live yet -- not until Wednesday -- and already, I'm feeling the pressure to apologize. I've been told that I'm pushing the envelope too far, that it's so great that I'm expanding my horizons, but no one likes a lady with a potty mouth. that just because I'm saying that it could be holy doesn't mean that it will be.

I've even been told that holy ground is not mine to declare. I've been told that I'm trying to pull the power out of God's hands, that Moses didn't light the bush on fire, so why am I?

because He already lit my soul on fire. 

I'm not declaring holy ground because it's a whim, because I'm throwing the word around to land willy-nilly on any spare scrap of earth. it's because the first spark was kindled hot in the depths of my soul by the Lion's roaring.

and sometimes it's not always presentable. sometimes holiness is scandalous, the kind that makes people put their hand to their mouth and whisper about you in the shadows. sometimes you can hear them talking, feeling them pointing, talking about decorum and the way it should be.

but He made me risky. He showed me how to shed the world's clothing and walk a little closer to the line, whispering,

I didn't draw that line. walk My line, not theirs. 

that's what being a writer is. it's shedding the appropriateness of social norms, it's digging your fingers into the smothering wardrobe of darkness and ripping it off in shreds. it's pure risk, pure surrender.

so, here's to clinging tight to the filthy robe of the Rabbi and realizing that the path is easy without all the extra weight pulling me all over the road.

here's to holy, sacred indecency.


  1. This is reminding me of 2 Samuel 6, when David danced. "...I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this..."

  2. I'm glad you are being so brave; it encourages the timid among us to be more brave also. Sharing who we are and what we think is always an act of courage. I look forward to reading your work! I know it will be good.

  3. "Sometimes holiness is scandalous." I love that you said this! And I love that God is so big that He doesn't always makes sense to those of us who believe He is knowable. After all, if God always made sense to me, wouldn't that mean that He was just like me? And what kind of God is that!

  4. No, it wasn't Moses who set the fire, but it was only Moses who God trusted to see it. To hear it. Today they walk right. Talk right. Church right. But still pass right by the hurting as they suffer in the ditches. The sanctimonious whispered too as the Samaritan got his hands dirty and spent his money. They still do. Light'em up! Push that envelope! You just may see it suspended in mid air by the unseen hand that guides your pen.


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