Saturday, March 17, 2012

dark light

live in the light
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stand in the sun
never look back.

these words have been whispered to me by a thousand voices in a thousand languages for the course of my entire life. and i think if you were raised in the church, you heard it, too. 

there is a place in this world where dark reigns supreme for six months of the year. the earth is tipped and the light cannot reach it there, not for all those weeks of night. and the people there wrap in furs and tangle fingers together and wait...

because they know that there is an end to the darkness. and then comes the six months of light, and the darkness fades into a place of echoing radiance that spills from fingertips and spiraled ends of hair.

but they feel the light because they knew the dark. they cannot appreciate one without the other's balance. 

it's the same with us, the same with the life we live and the breath we inhale every single day a thousand times without even realizing. and the voices that whisper never look back are wrong to wish you blind to the past and wide-eyed to forever. 

both are needed. we have a moon to cool the sun, and a sun to warm the moon. we must have both for tides and seasons and growth.

what matters is how you breathe in the night. do you stare at the midnight and scream light is dead, and never will come back again?

or do you look at the stars and say there is light here. 

for you were once dead in your sin
but God, rich in mercy, made us alive.
:: ephesians 2:1, 4 ::

i refuse to stop loving for fear of the night. i will dance below the stars instead, fingers spread toward the moon and inhaling beam after beam of silver light. 

for i was once dead,
but God...


  1. Hi Rachel, I'm not sure if I've commented before but read you, I do :) Like all of your posts ( WOW can you write!) this was soul filling, breathgiving truth.. and exactly what I needed to read today xoxo

  2. amazing post♥ i love the night sky, actually. the stars are better than a blue sky, to me.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. always such beauty and truth in your words.

  4. this is so true...i used to know someone that lived in a place like this...but i know thte truth of it in life as well...rainbows require rain...and light sines brightest in the darkest places...


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