Sunday, March 11, 2012

spring {eighth giveaway}

item no. 1
i am so excited to be bringing you this newest giveaway. 

in a way, i feel that as spring is slowly making its way here to my corner of the world, things are going to be changing. 

in a good way, i think. 

but this giveaway, for me, is a farewell to winter and a welcome to summer. the most beautiful Callie of Creations by Callie has knitted some beautiful items, and has given them to me to give away to you. 

item no. 1: chocolate swirl bag.  

description by Callie: because of the felted aspect, this bag is very strong and durable.  a pocket on the inside is the perfect holder for keys, a cell phone, or other small items, while a bright pink flower on the front completes this adorable bag.

item no. 2:  strawberry sunshine scarf and wristlet set

description by Callie: the scarf is a glamorous mixture of yarns in different colors, weights, and textures.  its long length allows for many wearing variations.  following the color scheme of the scarf, the wristlets keep your hands warm, while still allowing you to use your fingers.  worn together, the scarf and wristlets create a colorful combination that will brighten up even the gloomiest day! 

{here is how to enter to win one of these beautiful items. please leave each entry as a SEPARATE comment, and please leave your blog address or email address in at least one of the comments.} 

(IMPORTANT NOTE: while i dearly love each one of my international readers, this giveaway is only open to the United States and Canada at the shipper's request.)

item no. 2
entry no. 1 (mandatory): what is your favourite part of spring, and why?  (+1)

entry no. 2 (mandatory): follow this blog and put the new and improved button on your sidebar. (+1)

entry no. 3: blog/tweet/Facebook about the giveaway, and leave a link to your post/tweet/blog post in the comment. (+3, one entry per and one comment per, please)

entry no. 4: follow Callie on twitter (+1)

entry no. 5: visit Callie's shop and comment with your favourite item from her collections (+1)
EDIT: Callie's shop is down for maintenance at the moment. this entire is currently invalid.  

entry no. 6. {inspired by Jess}: go drink a nice, cold glass of water. a great way to start the springtime season off right! (+1)

spring is coming. and with it, change. and change is a good thing, touched by the hand of the One who holds the world in His palms.

this giveaway ends on April 5th, 2012, at midnight CST. winners will be chosen using an internet randomizer the next day. winners have 48 hours to contact me with their address or a new winner will be drawn


  1. Cool giveaway! :)

    My favorite part about spring is warmer temperatures, and I get to wear flip-flops again! ;D

  2. I already follow you and I have your blog link on my blog list. :)

  3. My favorite item from her shop is this:

  4. I posted about this giveaway on Facebook!

  5. Enjoying a glass of cold water right now! ;)

  6. My favorite part of spring is the reminder of New Life... New Life in the gardens... New Life in the lives of the creatures... New Life in my heart.... New Life through Jesus Christ...

    It's a season to rejoice & be glad to be alive.

  7. I decided to follow your blog for a while! :) It looks quite interesting!

    And I put your blog button on

    Before I forget, you can contact me at the above blog, or at:

  8. I posted about it on Facebook, but I don't know how to give you the link to it. I tagged Callie in it, so you can confirm with her I did post it, if you need to. :)

  9. I follow Callie on Twitter. One of her first followers, I believe. ;)

    I won a shawl made by her a while back, & absolutely adore it!! ♥

  10. Callie has many lovely things, but this darling Valentine Purse is quite cute:

  11. I tweeted about the giveaway & tagged Callie in it. Again, I don't know how to give you the link to the post, but Callie should be able to confirm I tweeted about it since she follows me on Twitter & I tagged her. :)

  12. My favorite part of spring is watching the flowers poke through the fresh, green grass. I love that newness!

  13. My favorite part of spring is seeing my ornamental tree (of which I do not know the name) blossom until it is covered in tiny pink flowers.

  14. I follow Dramatic Elegance and your button is on my sidebar.

  15. My favorite item from Callie's shop is the Pink Tulip earrings.

  16. Ahh, that water tasted marvelous. :)

  17. I love being able to walk outside without bundling up in a parka and boots.



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