Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 days :: motherhood

i've started a new journey this month. i've become a mother. and there is such a risk in motherhood, i've learned, even with only fourteen days to my credit.

there is a risk of retreating when i should be warring, a risk of withdrawing when i should be clinging. of all the times in my life, this is the time to be seeking Him with fire in my veins and passion in my soul.

this is the time to seek the sacred, to walk the path of the King closer than ever before.

and so i'm undertaking my first 31 Days.

:: thirty-one days of sacred, seeking motherhood ::

i'm not sure what i'll find, or what i'll become, or what i'll uncover while i undertake this. i will not shut out the Light in the time i need illumination the most. 

i cannot live without Him in the best of times and in the easiest of moments...oh, how i grasp Him now. 

:: my ship is in unfamiliar seas ::
:: my Anchor is my salvation :: 

and so with Marian in my arms and the Lion's breath at my back, i'm inhaling life. 

// i'm uncovering sacred in motherhood //
// i'm seeking Him in everything //

:: day one :: day two ::


  1. mmm, this is perfection. congratulations, mama!

  2. good for you!!! and maybe it will ease the guilt of that baby fixation :-)
    blessings to you this day, sweet rachel!

  3. oh i am so happy for you...i was not aware that you had the little one...and it will def be a journey for you...oy....31 days....ha...they grow and stretch me daily and my youngest just turned 8 on saturday...smiles...


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