Sunday, September 30, 2012

little girl loved // two weeks

{taken the day of her birth, bare minutes old}
my daughter is two weeks old today.

and i've been resisting the urge to blog endlessly about her for fear of turning into one of those moms who can't exist outside their children.

but she's so new, and so precious, and i can't help but fall in love with her all over again every single time i look into her tiny face and see those blue eyes staring back at me and see that tiny mouth curl up into a pouting smile that illumines me.

the first days of her life are a mental blur for me, a blur of morphine and hospital blue and white stripped blankets. and now they are a different sort of blur, an exhausted new mommy blur of sleeping sometimes but not all the time.

clocks have stopped having a meaning for me. 3am and 12 noon and 4:15pm have all become times to curl my body around my newborn child and feed her from my own body and inhale her sweet indescribable infant aroma.

and though she be but little
she is fierce 
:: william shakespeare ::

{two weeks old in Daddy's arms, already so much different}
there is a strange fierceness about this tiny creature that came from my body. the way she demands attention with the loudness of her wails, the wildness of her intense blue eyes. 

there is no secret that she will be a warioress, 
// and she already is, in a way. 

at two weeks old, she is already little girl loved, small fairy-child treasured. and now she sleeps on my husband's chest curled in a soft pink daisy-patterned blanket with her rosebud mouth partially open and an arm tucked beneath her head. 

and i'm overwhelmed with the fierceness of this small one, of Aslan's newest and smallest daughter, currently a cub but a strong lioness in the making. 

i'm mad with love, with a fire i did not know i could ever possess. 

i'm mother, more than i ever was before. 

and i am two weeks mother to a lioness. 


  1. She is beautiful, Rachel! You are truly blessed with this beauty!

  2. beautiful! and it's totally okay for nothing to exist outside of HER right now. it is the way of a mama with her babe. just enjoy :-)

  3. She's gorgeous, Rachel. :) So glad to hear that you and the baby are doing well!

  4. she's breathtaking. I have a warrioress, she's 4 and let me just tell you, every day she just grows stronger and stronger and you fall in love deeper and deeper. Welcome to the endless pool of birthing spirits. :)

  5. Lovely little lioness. You are one very blessed mother!

  6. So happy for you! There is nothing like a new little snuggly baby to bring smiles to all our faces. Go ahead and blog about her. Leave her a legacy of written love. She is precious and priceless.

  7. How they change us. They change the way we see. And Rachel? She is so beautiful. Just perfect.


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