Friday, July 5, 2013

beautiful {a fae*rie tale}

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finding beautiful was something she found almost impossible. really, it was something she had to pursue, something she had to chase down. but it was always so far away.

and then she tucked herself in among running water and air-light bubbles. and the chaos still continued outside, the television murmuring and little baby whimpers as sleep claimed her bright blue eyes. but there was silence and stillness and fragrant beauty in the candlelight with the water splashing.

she felt a mermaid there, nestled among the sea-foam that would consume her if she was not careful. her skin glistened and her the ends of her hair dripped sandalwood and night-blooming jasmine. she started to hum, she couldn't help it, in tune with the soft flickering light that swooned around her.

she pondered the grace and wonder of the candle flame, how the light faltered in the breeze of her own lips but then returned stronger and brighter. was that beauty, not something with skin and eyes and hair and the curving shape of lips?

that it was the gentle bending, the fingers curled into hair and lips parted with the harmonizing of a familiar growing Song that was more than just a strain of notes and melody, but a state of being. 

was beauty a sort of surrender? 

:: it was, in fact, the ultimate. 


  1. So, so lovely, lioness of the mermaid hair.

  2. Visiting from FMF. I so want to go to this place of beauty! I think I wil go make sure my bath tub is clean :)

  3. What lovely thoughts - it makes me want to take a bath by candlelight too!

  4. Dear Rachel
    I have found in my life that when my heart starts pursuing beauty, it is only because the beauty of grace has started to pursue me first! I love how the candle flickers in the breeze of your breath? Great post.
    Much love XX


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