Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have a lot of thoughts tonight. And my brain just won't shut up.

I'm having a hard time bringing my racing mind and overactive imagination to a calm state.

It's 12:13. In the morning.

My head is a tumble drier, filled to the brim with thunderclouds and rose petals. Tossing. Rolling. Spinning until I'm so dizzy that I can't catch my own breath.

My heart is trying to tango to a jazz rhythm. Conflicted. It wants to dance, but it's forgotten the steps.

This is what happens when you care too much...
...when you think too much.
...when you dream too much.

My mind is beautiful train wreck, a slow dance among a traffic jam.


Because He holds my soul.

Among the noise of my thoughts and the questions brought on by my own mortal confusion...

...I can hear His still, small voice. He knows my name.


He serenades me with the music of His peace. He raises His nail-pierced hand and speaks softly to the storm raging in my heart.

Peace. Be still.

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