Saturday, July 17, 2010

तारों का

Yes, the title of this blog post in in Hindi.

It's pronounced "tārōṁ kā." It means "starlight."

Why am I suddenly putting up posts in Hindi?

Two reasons.

1. Hindi is a gorgeous language -- the lilting words of a breathtaking land. I have always dreamed of going to India and becoming totally immersed in its complicated language, rich culture, and heart-stopping scenery.

2. It's a beautiful word, used to convey a remarkable reality.

...can you imagine?

The beauty of standing on the marble dais of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

Gazing up at the millions of sparkling lights, bright against the midnight blue of the night sky.

The realization that, no matter where you are on earth, the One who placed each of those stars and knows every single one of them by name...knows me, by name.

Seven continents. Six of them are populated. There are 1,139,964,932 of them in India alone! (2008 census).

And He sees me. He stepped down from Heaven and set aside His royal status.

The hands that held the world and cradled the stars were nailed to two splintered beams of wood. The voice that rejoiced with the angels at the Creation of the world was raised to the sky, wailing in sorrow to His Father..."My God, my God, Why have You forsaken Me?!"

He died to bring me back to life.

So tonight, take a soft blanket and lay in the grass. Look up at the stars, no matter where you are in the world.

Because that soft, twinkling starlight that can make us feel so very small and alone in the world...

...should actually remind us how special we are to Him.

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