Monday, May 2, 2011


"Would it be too childish of me to say: 'I want?'; but I do want: theater, light, color, paintings, wine, and wonder..." ~Sylvia Path

I adore the theater.

Those closest to me know that the quickest way to my heart is through the thin cardboard of a ticket stub and the gentle kiss of rose petals against my nose.

I am more than passionate about the arts in general...but there is something so exquisite and breathtaking about the theater. From the time I was twelve years old, it has woven an unbreakable spell over my heart that has yet to break, and I pray it never will.

I love curling into a plush velvet seat, playbill in one hand, my heart pounding with anticipation and excitement as I wait to see what wonders lurk behind the curtains.

I love the soaring orchestra, the heady applause, and the moments that draw me to hysterical laughter and broken-hearted tears in the blink of an eye.

But there is a place in the theater I love more than any other.

Tucked away from the eyes of the public, hidden away behind thick side curtains.

That is my world.

Backstage is the palace to my princess wishes, the closest I will ever get to Narnia.

It's the place where all the magic happens, where adrenaline joins the blood to pump in my veins, and where the smell of sweat and excitement mingle to become intoxicating.

In this corner, my dreams have come to life. I have been to Neverland, stepped into the pages of fairy tales, and seen countless magical moments played out before my eyes.

Last night, I tidied my corner and left it in darkness.

For three months, I will wait and hope and dream...overcome with anticipation...

...before the curtain opens, and the magic comes to life again.

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  1. Just discovered your blog, and I have to say - it is * beautiful.* I LOVE the drama, the color...and the way you make words dance, come to life. Very inspiring. You put all the essence of theater and its glories into perfect prose. I adore plays - especially musicals, and there is something breathtaking about hearing those first strains of music, watching the curtain rise. Recently I saw Les Miserables for the first time LIVE...I was nearly dying. Literally, I sat at the edge of my seat, gasping for breath, unbelieving that I was *really* there, seeing a performance of a play my sister and I stalk - we love it so much. We know the names of all the actors who have been in every different production over the last several years...the current cast, and even the folks set up for the cast change in London. o.O A little obsessed, perhaps? ;) Les Miz is *such* a mesmerizing story. :sigh: I always tell my friends...skip the book, the play IS Les Miserables. ;) words lack the power of yours, but I concur 100%. BRAVO. You just made a new blog follower. ;)


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