Tuesday, May 24, 2011


"Sometimes I wish I was someone other than me / Fighting to make the mirror happy / Trying to find whatever is missing / Won't You help me back to glory..." Beautiful, Bethany Dillon

I hate the mirror.

I know I shouldn't.

I know that I'm supposed to look in that reflective piece of glass and "love the skin I'm in," or whatever tired cliche is in fashion at the current moment.

But I don't.

I feel unpretty.

I look in the mirror and I see a sea of imperfections...so many things that might not even be visible to others...

...things that make me cringe and ache for a rock to shatter the mirror into a million razored shards, despite the stigma of bad luck..

...because even bad luck would be better than counting my flaws one by one until I run out of fingers and toes upon which to keep a tally.

I look at my female friends, the beautiful people with whom I surround myself, and I ache to share their looks...

I want to banish my curves to the back of the closet, and to fit in their size 2 jeans...to toss a head of smooth, silky hair...to slip my feet into normal sized shoes instead of those of my ten year old sister-in-law...to reach the top shelf at the bookstore instead of having to ask a taller clerk to assist me.

I just want to be beautiful. Just for a minute.

It's a struggle. It's a painful ache that throbs at the core of my soul.

But then, Truth begins to push its way past the boulders of my own self-shame.

...I know He sees my flaws. Those things I hate about myself, the things I would call "ugly."

He calls me by name.

He is the lifter of my head, drawing my eyes from my own reflection to His glory.

He is beautiful. And I am His daughter, His chosen one.

Made in His image. Lost in His wonder.

Time and again,

He makes me beautiful.

"You make me beautiful / You make me stand in awe / You step inside my heart, and I am amazed / I love to hear You say / Who I am is quite enough / You make me worthy of love / and beautiful." ~Beautiful, Bethany Dillon


  1. Just remember. As much as you wish you were pretty like the friends you surround yourself with, some of us wish we were pretty like you.

  2. You're pretty, just how you are.

  3. I totally agree with Anon. I know I have friends who I wish I looked like, and there putting down their own looks like they're a piece of dirt. It's sad. Of course, every girl feels she's imperfect at one time in their life, and I guess it's kinda normal. But it's doesn't have to be. Hold your head up high, girlie!! You're beautiful :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Outside beauty has nothing to do with it, and we are ALL equally ugly on the inside. But what you said it 100% true: God can make us more beautiful than a field full of lilies or a tree hung with a thousand ribbons. Thank you for this post- how I wish I could share this knowledge with everyone in the world!

  5. I wish I always felt beautiful. Inside beauty is one thing -- and of course the most important thing. But I won't lie, I wish that I had a physical bit of beauty as well.

  6. Every girl has felt this way at one point or another in their lives. I had a serious meltdown just yesterday and got so upset that I threw my clothes across my room because I thought I looked so fat. It's an awful battle to face the mirror sometimes. :( But you just have to remember that we are all beautiful in the way God wanted us to be.


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