Thursday, May 26, 2011

Año (Year)

"Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes / How do you measure, measure a year? / In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights In cups of coffee / In inches, in miles, in laughter, in do you measure a year in the life?" ~Seasons of Love, RENT

365 days.

When you look at those numbers, three simple digits, so very small and almost insignificant.

But when you look a little deeper, you start to see all the things that are captured in those simple little marks on the the space of a year.

Whispers of joys -- shared moments between friends, celebrations and monumental occurrences, some of which happen only once in a lifetime.

The splashing of tears...unspoken sorrows that are often only implied and never spoken outright. Tear-stained pillow cases and watered-out ink scribblings upon innocent pages.

Yes, a lot can happen in a year.

And to be honest, I never thought I would get this far.

I'd blogged before the beginning of DramaticElegance, and honestly, it had never really gone anywhere. My thoughts alway seemed to hit some kind of block, or I simply found myself wandering away and losing interest.

Perhaps it was because I felt stiffled. I felt like I couldn't simply speak out and share the depths of my heart with the world. Perhaps I felt as though I would be judged...that nothing I had to say was worth anyone's time or attention.

But then I decided to try again...just once more.

The name came from my best friend's clever and creative mind. I asked her for a word or two that best described look her no more than two seconds to say "dramatic and elegant." The name was created in an instant.

And so, a year ago today -- May 26th, 2010, I began.

And I have never once looked back.

58 followers. 98 posts. 365 days.

To each and every one of my followers and readers: I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my heartfelt scribblings and to impart so much wisdom and love to me.

To Jocee at Cupcake Dictionary, thank you so much for the new layout, design, and for all your delightful input into my blog and into my life. Thank you also for the one-year celebratory button that you made especially for me.

And to the King of the world, my Lion and my Lord, my Savior and Salvation...I give You all the highest praise, honor, and glory. You are the One for whom I write, and the One to whom all the credit is due. now, I ask you, my readers...what can I do to be better? Why do you read what I write, and how can I improve?

The second year has begun.

I will go further up....I will go further in...

...and I will strive for His glory.

"When did love become unmoving? / When did love become unconsuming? / Forgetting what the world has told me / Father of love, You can have me / You can have me." ~Sidewalk Prophets, You Can Have Me

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  1. I recently started following your blog, because I was enthralled in your unique way of writing your posts. Keep on posting. I can't claim of following this blog from day one, BUT I love this blog and my mouse will never migrate to the "stop following" button. Congrats to 365 days :)


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